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Quispamsis United Church
372 Hampton Rd., Quispamsis, NB Canada E2E 4T8
Tel: 506-847-4924
Worship Every Sunday at 9:55 AM. All are welcome!

"We envision that we share
and implement our core
 values within our church
 family, our local community
and the world at large,
 engaging various media
 that are relevant with
 all generations"

We are a community of faith
 and fellowship…
who invite others into this life and ministry…
we hope to be a light to the world by living as one people…
celebrating God’s presence
through word and song…
equipping our children
and youth for the future…
by acting on God’s calling to us within the culture in which we live!

Core Values
We believe in God as known through Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit and we strive to live by the example Jesus set.
We value a welcoming, inclusive, nurturing church community and we work to show this through support for each other, our social interaction and wise stewardship of our resources.
We believe we share responsibility for the welfare of our world and all that God created.
Music is a moving force in our congregation.
We value our children and youth and prepare them for the future through our ministry with them while they challenge us to see ourselves through their eyes.
We believe that God’s message is as relevant today as it has been through history and should be communicated in ways that speak to our diverse community about issues that are
meaningful now.

Church email address –
Church telephone  (Office/Study) – 847-4924
Secretary – Amanda Winchester
Organist – Terri-Lynn Russell 
Clerk of Session – Blaine Smallwood 
Worship Committee - Rev Audrey Lounder, Faye Sherrard (Chair),  Annie Walker, Terri-Lynn Russell, Larry Watson, Evelyn Backa 
Christian Life and Growth Committee - Rev Audrey Lounder, Brenda Forret, Una Wilson, Carly Schofield, Kathryn McIntyre, Karen Young, Kim Brown, Amanda Winchester, Rowena Anderson
Board of Trustees - Bruce Amey, Stu Baker, Diane Tonge, Rowena Anderson, Bruce Phillips
Ministry & Personnel - Stu Baker, Diane Tonge, Sally Allanach, Clifford Delong
Outreach Committee - Barb McBean, Diane Tonge, Linda Reid, Anne Smallwood
Memorial Committee - Diane Tong, Rose Jardine
Nominating Committee - Bruce Amey, Carolyn Kimball, Stu Baker
Social CommitteeStacy Blois, Velma Bos, Annie Walker, Karen Young
Chair of Stewards –  Dan Forret
Treasurer – Brion Crossman 
Chair, Ministry & Personnel – Sally Allanach 
Offering Secretary – Linda Amey
Envelope Secretary - Hally Kimball / Carolyn Kimball
Caretaker – 
Church Maintenance – Ray Tonge 
Agnes Allingham UCW – Lillian Rettinger
Greeter Co-ordinators -
 Linda Reid / Allyson Bos
K.V. Food Basket
Hall/Room Booking –Amanda Winchester 
Youth Group Leader - Carly A. Schofield
Home Mission Council Rep. - Brion Crossman
Prayer Circle Coordinator – Lynn MacDonald   
Librarian – Nancy Jardine 
Presbytery Reps - Evelyn Backa / Velma Bos
Website - Ron Badger
Saint John Presbytery Website

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